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-SASS Gun Belt-




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-SASS Gun Belt-

The SASS Gun Belt is more basic than the Western Gun Belt, allowing more versatility. By leaving off the bullet loops, slides can be placed on the belt with different sized loops for different matches. Holsters can also be moved and adjusted to each individual shooter to maximize speed and comfort. It also allows different configurations to allow new shooters to decide on a setup that works best for them. As slides wear out, they can be easily replaced, and different holsters can be substituted as well.

The belt is made from a heavy 8-9oz. leather and finished in your choice of color. It's 2 1/2" wide, with a standard 1 1/2" front strap and buckle setup. The buckle is changeable to allow for customizing by a simple snap system. Sizing should be done by actual measurement at the height the belt is to be worn. For details on how to get size measurement, please watch the video below. Tooling designs can be added by special request. Please contact me for details. This belt is available as part of the SASS Stareter Set.

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