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-Two Timer Belt-






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-Two Timer Belt-

The new Two Timer Belt design was very popular at GEARcon this year. Looks great on both guys and gals, and allows for a variety of looks. One side a is 1 1/2" wide strap, and the other has 2 1" straps with Conway buckles for increased size range. The straps attach to rings in front and back to allow for multiple angles of adjustment. Waist size is adjusted with the top 1" strap, and the lower strap is made longer to allow it to hang low. Once the size is set, the belt can be easily removed or replaced with a 2 snap system on the front ring. The whole belt can be flipped over to put the different sized straps on the desired side. This item is typically worn over the hips, so a hip measurement should be used when determining a size.

The leather is a durable 8 oz. veg tan, and can be finished in your choice of color. Hardware is available in both brass and silver. Great to wear over the top for a unique addition to costume design, or with a variety of accessories attached on different straps.

Also available with the belt is an optional holster/accessory mount. The mount comes with an additional buckle to allow it to be placed on the lower straps. It's height and angle of hang is then adjusted with the straps, and a level place is then available for holsters and other accessories. While the mount is not necessary, it is recommended for heavier items such as replica guns. By allowing the lower straps to attach at an angle, holsters and heavier items will hang flatter against the leg. This option replaces and is far better than the old "Holster Belt" design which has been discontinued.

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Belt Only: Price (Belt Only): $67.47
Price (Belt w/ Holster/Accessory Mount): $83.47

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