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-Wide Utility Belt-




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-Wide Utility Belt-

This design is truly multifunctional. The belt is 2 separate pieces that function as 1 design. The wide belt is a 7oz veg tan leather cut to waist size and fixed with belt loops which the standard 1 1/2" wide belt fits through. It's also made of a 7oz veg tan leather. Both are hand dyed with choice of dye color and are available with a brass or silver buckle.

The narrow belt can be removed and worn as normal, or combined with the wide belt for support and style. This design allows other standard belt worn accessories to still be used by threading them on the narrow belt as it's combined with the strap. The belt loops keep everything in place.

Here is is picture with my Gun Holster Belt, Utility Loops, and Mini Pouches. Can also be worn with all my other pouch designs as well as the bullet/utility strap. Accessorize, customize and personalize...Gear up!

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