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--Ladies Cross Draw Utility Belt--





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-Ladies Cross Draw Utility Belt-

Here's a little piece of Steampunk Fantasy. Inspired from elements spanning several time periods, this utility belt was designed for the adventurous ladies of steam. The 2 piece design allows for adjusting size with 2 straps looped around a ring in front, and a lacing in the back for fine tuning. It's designed to sit just below the waist at the top of the hips, but can be worn lower if desired. Sizing is based on a true waist measurement. If you have questions about sizing, please contact me before ordering, as these are made to order.

There are 2 styles available: Utility Only, or Cross draw. For the utility only design, both sides are the same; each having 3 rings, and a strap with snaps to attach pouches and the like. The cross draw style has a utility setup on one side, and a strap with snap set at an angle on the other to allow a gun holster to sit at an angle. This allows it to be easily drawn by the hand opposite the side of it's placement. If you are right handed and wish to draw the gun with you right hand, you will need to order the Right Handed Cross draw. The holster will sit on your left side. A Left Handed Cross draw is just the opposite.

This design will accommodate several of my pouch designs, and the western style gun holsters. Works great with the cap gun and holster design. The snap straps will fit belt loops or items nearly 3" wide. The rings will allow small items to be tied or strapped on if desired. It's made from a heavy 7-8 oz leather, dyed and finished in you choice of color. Available in brass or silver buckles and rivets. ***BELT ONLY--ACCESSORIES PICTURED NOT INCLUDED***

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Price: $108.97

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