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     If there is an error in your order, please call or e-mail within 30 days of receipt of order to make arrangements for a return. If the error is on our part, we will happily fix the problem to the best of our ability, either through replacing or altering the existing item. Because most of the items on the web site are made to order, returns on standard items due to customer error are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Return shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer. We are unable to accept returns on custom-made products, including any item made to size such as leg/arm garters or belts. Some specialty items such as hats can be exchanged for a different size with approval, but no refunds/returns are accepted.

Shipping and Insurance

     Shipping prices include shipping charges, packaging, and packing labor. We do the best we can on estimating shipping rates. When in doubt, contact us before ordering for details. Domestic shipping has some insurance included in the Priority Mail price, is not guaranteed in any way. We do not replace lost or stolen shipments, nor deal with any insurance claims. We can provide shipping information and usually tracking (on Priority Mail), but claims will need to be dealt with on the customers end. If you require insurance or special shipping needs, these must be arranged before the purchase.

International shipping will be sent by the best option matching the shipping price charged during checkout. IF you require special shipping needs to your country, please arrange before purchasing. Lost, stolen, or confiscated items will not be refunded or replaced. If you order an item that is restricted in your country (such as replica guns or fake bullets), we cannot be responsible for customs seizures. Be aware you may also be subject to additional customs fees/duties. As the importer, it is your responsibility to be aware of your countries laws when ordering overseas.


     For legal purposes Witch Works ®: Steampunked Out must state all items are sold as curios and are for educational and entertainment purposes only. We make no guarantee of any supernatural or magickal qualities for any product. All recommendations herein contained are derived from research of lore from numerous books, online resources, and practitioner suggestions, and are not from the authority of Witch Works ®: Steampunked Out. No expressed or implied guarantee as to the effects of their uses can be given nor liability taken. Witch Works ®: Steampunked Out will not be liable for damages or injury caused by use of our products in a manner inconsistent with our recommendations.


     Witch Works®: Steampunked Out collects personal information only for the purpose of filling your order. All personal information is collected through PayPal and will never be shared with anyone else. Only basic shipping and contact information will be stored by Witch Works's ® computer/file system. All payment information will remain in Paypal's secure systems. For information about Paypal's payment and storage system, please visit them at If you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy on our site, please email us.

Copyright Information

     Witch Works ®: Steampunked Out, as the author and creator of this web site, layout, text, graphics and other material displayed herein is entitled to use, reproduce and distribute said material at our discretion. Individuals may link to text, graphics and other material on this web site freely, provided you list as the source. You may not copy any material including layout, text, graphics and other materials displayed on this web site to use for purposes of gaining profit, including re-sale or any other profit making strategy. By choosing to copy this information with the intent to gain profit please be aware that you are violating Witch Works ®: Steampunked Out copyright and the copyright of the authors whose text appears on this site. The term "web site" is used herein to represent all web pages that are part of the domain, in other words, any URL that starts with,,, and is covered under this copyright.

Usage Agreement

     By making any order through this web site, the purchaser agrees to the following:

1. Purchaser will not use items received from Witch Works ®: Steampunked Out for making patterns (or other method of copying) for the use of producing same or similar product.

2. Purchaser will not knowingly provide products to other individuals through any means for making patterns (or other method of copying) for the use of producing same or similar product.

     In other words, I worked very hard coming up with my designs and patterns from scratch, and spent a large sum of money for their research and development. Please do not use my work to save you time and money to make similar products. Or as they say back in school "Do your own work!"

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