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-Map/Scroll Case-




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-Map/Scroll Case-

Ready for adventure? Pull out your map case and plot a course with a reproduction map circa 1900! This handy map case is crafted from 5-6oz. leather and wet formed into a tube shape to create a durable protective case for maps and scrolls. The inside of the case is about 14" long and 3 inches in diameter. It has a handy shoulder strap which can be removed via screw rivets. This way, the case can be attached to bags and packs via "D" rings, or utility slots riveted down the side. It has a wooden top and bottom which is dyed to match the leather in your choice of color. The leather is both glued and tacked to the wooden end plugs.

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-Circa 1900 Reproduction Map-






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-Additional Map-

These are maps from circa 1900 (many displaying a date) which I have scanned from origionals and had reprinted in sizes to fit the map cases. See the world as it was seen during the days of exploration! Amazing destinations like India, Egypt, Africa, and many other popular adventure hot spots. The previews above have a large water mark that does not appear on the final print, but I have added the Steampunked Out logo in non-intrusive places to blend in with the origional map labels. Additional maps can be added below for only $10 each. Sorry, maps can only be added to orders with a map case. Orders for maps without a case cannot be filled.


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