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-Thigh Pack-



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-Thigh Pack-

The ultimate pouch! Never have enough room? No problem, the Thigh Pack is the answer. This pouch measures 9" tall and 7" wide with a 3" gusset. Big enough to hold more than a box set of DVD's and still have extra room. It's designed to hang low on the leg to allow other pouches and accessories to still be hung from the belt (as pictured with my Utility Pouches, Compass, and Sam Browne Belt). In fact, the Sam Browne Belt or Utility shoulder strap work perfectly to help support the weight if you plan on carrying heave items in the pack. It's like a saddle bag for your leg, and comfortable to wear for long periods.

The pouch is made from 5oz veg tan leather and can be impressed with optional decorative gears to match all my other products. It comes with a thigh strap to keep the pack secured to the leg so it does not flop around while walking, running, or LARP activities. (Be sure to specify leg size about half way up the thigh.) It's then finished in your choice of color.

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