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We're Moving!

A lot has changed the last few years and between the pandemic and the seeming decline in steampunk, we've been continuing to broaden our offerings. Most of the steampunk conventions in our area have disappeared, and we continue to do more general sci-fi/fantasy events. As such, we have started vending events under "Nemesis Gear" to cater to a broader audience. We will still have many of the core steampunk items, but also will continue to add items for other generas.
As part of the merging process, we are moving back to Etsy!
The Steampunked Out website will become a general company information page, as we plan to consolidate all our sale items into one place. We'll be going through designs in the coming weeks and discontinuing items that have become less popular, and updating photos an information on others as we list them on Etsy. Any orders made from the Steampunked Out website will be completed during this time, but some items will become only available through our Etsy shop under our Nemesis Gear business name. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us, and thank you for your years of support. We hope to see a resurgence in steampunk in the future.

Visit our Etsy shop now and see what's going on!

Rush Order Option

Things keep getting crazy with all the conventions we're doing, and we've even hired another apprentice to help with the overload. Unfortunately we still can run 3-4 weeks on production time during he busy season. We've been asked many times to make "Rush Orders" available, and after some planning, we are able to offer limited "Rush Orders". Rush Order Fees are based on the labor hours to complete products made in house, and are only available on products we make ourselves. Most rush orders can be made after hours on overtime and shipped within 3-5 days regardless of what normal production time is listed as. Rush Orders are subject to employee availability (if we're all out of town at a con, no one can make the order), so please email us to arrange a rush order and confirm it can be done for the items you need.

Steam Trek!

Just for fun, here is the entire Steampunked Out crew in our Star Trek/Steampunk mashup!

Steampunked Out Star Trek Crew

Brass Bobbin

Getting new items is always great, but we're absolutely thrilled to announce our new Brass Bobbin line. Frontier wear and accessories designed and produced in house by professionals, all committed to local and eco-sourcing whenever possible. Seeking out the best ways to maintain low-impact production while bringing you the highest quality materials and products. Brass Bobbin products will be a perfect complement to Steampunked Out leather goods. The site is still under construction, but you can read more about Brass Bobbin here:


Since most of our items are made to order, production time may vary. Below is the estimated number of days from the day we receive the order, to the day it will ship.
?  Estimated production time:
1-2 Weeks
In a rush? Email us about Rush Order options.

If you have a coupon code you wish to use, please enter it now. Prices will look the same on each page, but the discount will be applied when you add an item to your cart. Codes are case sensitive, and your browser must accept cookies.

New Items!

"The Venture" Vest

Ladies Spats


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About Steampunked Out

I've been working with leather for over 12 years now, and got my start working the Renaissance Faire circuit. I started Witch Works as a crafting business in 2008 to supply the new age/metaphysical community with quality, handcrafted items made from leather, wood, stone, and other natural materials.

I love working with my hands and creating new and different things, so when I was asked to make a steampunk styled leather cuff for a prop in a play at the local university, I was happy to do it. The design was well received and it was suggested I do more to sell. One thing led to another and I opened an Etsy shop in September of 2010. I have enjoyed the style and design of the steampunk genre so much, and the shop is doing so well, I have decided to open this retail web site as a sister store to Witch Works. I love making new things and doing custom designs so if you have ideas for new things, suggestions to change old designs, or need something completely new, please contact me.

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