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-SASS Slide Loops-





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-SASS Slide Loops-

The SASS Slides are more compact than the Bullet Vial Loops, and are specifically designed for Cowboy Action Shooting. The loops are made from a thin 2oz. leather and are stitched instead of riveting. While rivets are more durable in the long run, stitching allows more cartridges in a small space. This allows more ammo to be carried on the belt. The slides can be made to fit different belt widths, so be sure to provide the measurement of your belt. If you are ordering the SASS Gun Belt as well, the width is 2 1/2". Loops are available in 3 sizes:

  • 10 loops for .38 cartrudges
  • 10 loops for .45 cartridges
  • 6 loops for 12GA shotgun shells
Other sizes are possible; please contact me for details. The main part of the slide is made from a heavy 8-9oz. leather and finished in your choice of color. The SASS Starter Set comes with your choice of 2 slides.

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