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-Clockwork Tooled Hatband-





Leather color:

Color Pattern:

Hardware color: ?

Hat size in inches:
(outside measurement please)

-Clockwork Tooled Hatband-

A Steampunk Empire member asked if I would make hatbands, so here they are, and newly redesigned! This 3/4" wide hatband is made from a 5oz veg tan leather that can be finished in your choice of color. It is tooled with clockwork designs on it's entire length. The new style uses a conway buckle for greater adjustability and comes in brass or niuckle plate. Great for all kinds of hat styles.

To get the length, you can use a cloth measuring tap on the OUTSIDE of the hat where the hatband will be, or wrap a string around the hat then mark and measure the string with a ruler. Please do not provide me with a hat size as that is the inside measurement of the hat. Outside measurements will vary depending on the thickness of the hat material.

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