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-Bullet/Vial Hatband-






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-Bullet/Vial Hatband-

This hat band style is made from a 5oz veg tan leather that can be finished with your choice of color. The new design spreads out the weight of the bullets or vials evenly around the hat. It uses a leather tie for fine tuning of size as the leather ages/stretch. It's available with your choice:

  • 10: brass bullets
  • 10: silver bullets
  • 10: mini vials with corks
The overall strap length is 22". Using the leather tie allows this hat band to easily adjust to fit the outside of a hat crown that measures between 22" and 25" which includes most commercially available hats. If your hat is outside this range, take a measurement and contact us for custom size options.

We do not glue the bullets or vials in place, but it is not possible to mix and match. The bullets are slightly larger than the vials and the leather loops are made to fit.
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