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-Bullet/Vial Hatband-







Leather color:

Color Pattern:

Hardware color: ?

Hat size in inches:
(outside measurement)

-Bullet/Vial Hatband-

This hatband style is made from a 5oz veg tan leather that can be finished with your choice of color. The new design spreads out the weight of the bullets or vials evenly around the hat. It uses a Conway buckle (available in brass or nickel plate) for a low profile and fine tuning of size. It's available with your choice:

  • 10: brass bullets
  • 10: silver bullets
  • 10: mini vials with corks
  • 7: half dram vials with screw top lids
  • 6: 1 dram vials with screw top lids
To get the length, you can use a cloth measuring tap on the OUTSIDE of the hat where the hatband will be, or wrap a string around the hat then mark and measure the string with a ruler. Please do not provide me with a hat size as that is the inside measurement of the hat. Outside measurements will vary depending on the thickness of the hat material.

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