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-Bullet/Vial Strap-







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-Bullet and Vial Loops-

These bullets are for costume use only, as they have no primers or powder. They have the look and feel of real bullets but are non-firing. Reloading should not be attempted for safty reasons.

Newly redesigned and now even more options! The bullet and vial loops are available in your choice of leather color, and with silver or brass colored rivits, but are now 3" wide. They have 1 1/2 in wide slots on each end to fit most standard belts. The back side also has a belt loop to better hold the strap to contour the belt. Now available with:

.38 Special Bullets (brass or silver) 10 Shells $40.97
.45 Colt Bullets (brass only) 10 Shells $43.97
.30-30 Rifle Bullets (brass only) 10 Shells $49.97
.45-70 Rifle Bullets (brass only) 10 Shells $57.47
12 GA Red Paper Shotgun Shells 7 Shells $49.47
Mini Corked Vials (clear only) 10 Vials $42.97
1/2 Dram Screwtop Vials (clear only) 10 Vials $43.47
1 Dram Screwtop Vials (amber or clear) 8 Vials $40.47
4 Dram Screwtop Vials (amber or clear) 7 Vials $41.99
Just loops (specify size) 7-10 loops $30.47

In addition, you can get the strap without any bullet or vials. If you have your own replica shells, or want to use this in the field with real ammo, an empty ammo strap is available for $30.47! When ordering an empty strap, be sure to list the type of bullet it will hold. Due to size restrictions, shotgun shells (or overly large ammo) will have about 7-8 loops, while most rifle and pistol rounds will have 10 loops. I can make loops to hold any caliber as long as I can get an empty casing from my local gunsmith for sizing. If you have questions, please contact me before you order. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR RIMLESS CASINGS

**NOTE** Having no powder or primers, these "bullets" are not considered ammunition and can be shipped domestically via USPS legally. If you are overseas however, you are responsible for checking with customs officials about the legality of importing "replica bullets" as they will be listed on the customs form.

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Starting at $30.47

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