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-Sam Browne Shoulder Strap-





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-Sam Browne Shoulder Strap-

Sam Browne was a British army officer serving in India in the mid 1800's. During this period, the sword was hung from a "frog" on the left side of the body and tended to slide around when moving, needing to be steadied with the left hand when drawing. During a battle, Captain Browne was wounded and lost an arm. He recovered and continued to serve, but found it very difficult to draw his sword without his left hand to stabilize the scabbard. He came up with a design to use a second belt slung over the shoulder to hold the scabbard in place. The designed also worked well for supporting the weight of a pistol and holster as well as other accessories, and was soon adopted as part of the standard uniform as other officers began using a similar rig.

Inspired by this historic design, Steampunked Out is happy to offer our version of the Sam Browne belt. It's made of a heavy 8-9 oz. leather connected to 2 slotted piece with "D" rings. The slotted pieces allow the strap to fit onto a standard 1 1/2" waist belt (not included) and can be adjusted in position to fit the desired configuration of the wearer. The strap is 1 1/2" wide and can be finished in your choice of color. It's length is also adjustable with a roller buckle available in both brass and silver. Works great with tons of our accessories including bullet and vial loops, mini pouches, and hunter kits! One size fits most. Please contact me about sizing if you are concerned about fit for extra large or small sizes. (Shoulder strap only, accessories sold separately.)

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