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-Shoulder Accessory Harness-




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-Shoulder Accessory Harness-

Another request item! The Shoulder Accessory Harness is designed to be more than just a shoulder holster. It's multifunction design will allow many accessories designed to fit on a belt to be worn on the harness. The accessory attachment straps are 1 1/2" wide and are set on 4 Chicago screw posts. This allows them to be raised and lowered on the harness base for different sized items like holsters, belt pouches, flasks, and more! In addition, the arm straps also use the screw post system for low profile, semi-permanent adjustment. Once the correct size and height is determined, simply place a drop of clear nail polish or super glue on the threads of the screw post before tightening. This will prevent the screws from loosening and falling out over extended wear time. Both sides have a buckle strap to allow it to be attached to a belt to better hold things in place if desired. Available in large and small sizes. (Both are identical, but the small has a shorter shoulder straps to eliminate dangling leather.)

The harness is made from durable 7 oz. leather finished on your choice of color. The hardware comes in the colors of nickel or brass. These are based on shoulder holster designs for real weaponry, and should work with many modern day gun holsters designed for belts. If you wish to use the harness for a concealed carry weapon, please contact me for compatibility options and custom made holsters.

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