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-Western Gun Belt-







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-Western Gun Belt-

Here is a great addition for frontier and adventurer characters. The Western Gun Belt is based on historical designs from the American wild west. The belt is 2 1/2" wide with a 1 1/2" wide tongue and buckle on the front. There are bullet loops on the back in your choice of size, and with or without dummy ammo. Both sides of the belt are open to allow a holster to be worn on the left, right or both for a gunfighter look. Works great with the Replica Revolvers and Holster Sets! (Holsters sold seperatly.)

20 .45 Colt pistol bullets (brass or silver)-- $116.47
24 .38 caliber pistol bullets (brass or silver)-- $116.47
EMPTY Belt Loops in your choice of size-- $96.47

The .45 caliber belts have 20 bullets on the back, and the .38 caliber belts have 24 bullets on the back. (Note: some of the smallest waist sizes may require leaving off a few bullet loops to allow room for holsters. Please contact me for details on small sizes.) All bullets are NON FIRING and have no powder or primer. For empty bandoliers, please specify caliber. The number of loops will depend on the size of the shells.

The leather is a durable 8 oz. veg tan, and can be finished in your choice of color. Hardware is available in both brass and silver. Comes with roller bar buckle which is removable via 2 snaps to swap out with other standard 1 1/2" buckles if desired.

Color Questions?
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Starting at $96.47
Add Holster Drop?

-Add Holster Drop-

Also available with a holster drop! The "holster drops" can be added to the left, right, or both sides of the belt to lower the holster about 6 inches down the leg. This allows for a quick and easy draw, and gives the belt the same look and functionality as the hip holster belts seen in movies. The best part is, IT'S DETACHABLE! The drop is fixed in place with 7 screw posts, which can be removed to allow the belt to be used in a more traditional manner, with the holster higher in the hip. Adding a holster drop only costs $20/per side.

$20 per side

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