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Gauge Bracer



Left or right arm:

Leather color:

Color Pattern:

Hardware color: ?

Designs: ?

For the gadget mongers, here is a steampunk bracer for you! This bracer has 3 working gauges on it. A clock, hygrometer, and thermometer. The clock is accessible through the underside like a watch to set the time and change batteries. Lots of clockwork details along with brass plates and/or real clock parts make this piece really stand out. The 3 buckles measure to fit wrist of about 6.5"-8.5". The largest part of the forearm will accommodate from 11 1/2in-14 1/2in to allow for larger arms and/or clothing underneath. (Send me measurements for custom sizes if needed.) It is hand crafted from quality 7oz leather and dyed with your choice of color finish. Contact me for custom companion pieces. (Custom versions such as the red bracer with cover plate are available. Additional fees may apply.)

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