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LED Bracer





Leather color:

Color Pattern:

Hardware color: ?

Designs: ?

Left or right arm:

Bracer Class: ?

LED 1 color:

LED 2 color:

LED 3 color:

-LED Bracer-

Here is another highly detailed piece. Custom versions with complicated circuits of this pieces are available for an additional fee. The standard design has 3 working LED lights, you choose the colors, all concealed with differnt methods to allow the illusion of light without the modern look of electronics showing. Makes for an awesome effect. They are all powered by a battery/pack and can be turned off and on with a power switch. There are numerous clockwork gear designs and brass bits to be sure. I use a quality 7oz leather, and finished it with a your choice of color. It measures 9" in length and will fit 6 1/2 to 8 inch wrist, and the larges strap going from 10 to 14 1/2 inches. (Send me measurements for custom sizes if needed.) Every piece is unique and considered a wearable piece of art. While I have several options to customize colors and style, the final design rests with the artist (myself). The photos above are just a few examples of the pieces I create.

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