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-Aether Receiver-





Color Scheme:

-Aether Receiver-

Who would have thought the aether could be used to transmit more than just light particles? Mr. Tinkerton did! Be one of the first to get these amazing new devices that can tune into aether transmissions and translate the sound for your enjoyment!

The Aether Receiver is a fully functional blue tooth stereo system. The box is hardwood dyed and finished in your choice of color, but the final design is left to the artist. The stereo connects to smart devices via blue tooth, and has a hidden audio jack plug to allow regular audio devices to connect. While each design will be unique, thay will all have a rack/tray to prop up and hold a tablet or device. There will be a master volume control accessable from the outside, and 3-4 speakers. The inside will be accessable for repair and ajustement if needed.

These art pieces are LARGE and HEAVY. They are all custom built and made to order, and may take 3-4 weeks to complete. This listing will charge $200 to reserve the piece and start the build, and the remainder will be charged upon compleation once shipping arrangemants are made. Once the final bill is sent, the buyer has 30 days to pay the total. If the bill is unpaid, the piece will be sold online or at a convention and the buyer gives up all rights to it as well as the $200 deposit. The picture reciever sold for $750, and final prices will range from $750 up depending on what parts we agree to use. These can only be shipped via UPS or FEDEX, and a shipping price quote can only be obtained after the the piece is compleated and packed. Shipping will most likely be over $100.

These are truely the most complicated and intricate art pieces I make, and the most expensive. But they are truely works of art for the collector of rare and unique steampunk items.

Reserve and Quote: $200.00

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