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-Energy Box-




Color Scheme:


-Energy Box-

The Mystic Energy Box is a little smaller than the Tarot Box, but has similar features. There are 2 styles of box: Storage and Device.

A Storage Box will have "glim" power vials and hidden LED light sources, but all the components will be confined to the lid thus allowing the main part of the box to be used for storing and "charging" items with mystic energy.

A Device Box is not meant to be opened and used except for replacing the batteries. The entire box becomes the device and my include sound and/or motors in addition to lights which may require more room inside, such as the portable shield generator.

Every box is different, and like all my devices, they are considered art pieces. This is why customers can choose the overall color scheme and style/function, but no details. The final design of each box will be left to the artist. These items are considered a commission piece.


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