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-Device Stylus-





Stylus Type:

-Device Stylus-

The device stylus I made to use with my Steampunk Commerce Station at conventions turned out so well, I wanted to make them for other. It's made from brass and copper tubing, wire, bullet casings, and other bits. A large stylus will have a glass vial with your choice of UV reactive ink inside. (Vial glows under a black light, but there is no light source included.) Ink colors available are Green, Blue, Yellow, and Pink. The tips are replaceable and simply screw into the base. Additional tips are available below. Each case is hand made and polished, and every one will be different.

For those of us prone to accident, I've also made a small version without the decorative glass vial. It's 2-3 inches shorter, and will take much more of a beating if dropped on a hard floor. Tips are also replaceable.

Large Stylus: $74.97
Small Stylus: $51.97

-Extra Tips-



-Extra Tip-

Extra tips screw into the base of the Stylus.

Extra Tips: $6.00      

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