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-Tarot Box-






Color Scheme:

-Tarot Box-

Mr. Tinkerton has done it again. After studying with Gypsy shamans, he has uncovered a link between the mystical energies of tarot and the Akashic Records. He has found a way to use the precious substance "glim" to strengthen that connection and maintain a metaphysical charge on a tarot deck. This "Meta-Charge" amplifies the psychic connection between the mystic reading the deck, and the higher plane. Storing the deck in the Meta-Charging Box will maintain it energy and keep it cleansed of negative energies.

OK, well, it's a great prop for sure. The wooden box is stained with your choice of color and sealed, and has brass hinges and latch. The charging device on top is made from various brass and copper plating, wire, tubing, and bits. It has vials of UV reactive liquid with UV LEDs below them to simulate the glowing effect of "glim" (based on the Age of Steam books by Devon Monk). UV fluid colors will be used to match the color scheme of the box. There is a toggle switch to turn it off, and a 9V battery to run the LEDs. It's coated with a thin layer of clear coat to protect the finish. The inside of the box has a ribbon affixed to one side to allow the deck to be easily removed. Box is hand crafted, and comes with Barbara Moore's "Steampunk Tarot" deck and book. This deck has some beautiful artwork, and is perfect for the beginner and advanced reader alike.

Every box is different, and like all my devices, they are considered art pieces. This is why customers can choose the overall color scheme, but no details. The final design of each box will be left to the artist. These items are considered a commission piece.


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