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Due to the replicas being imported from Spain, they will frequently go on backorder. I try to keep a few of each on hand, but if you need the gun by a specific date, please check with me about availability before ordering.

Replica Mares Leg and Holster




-Replica Mares Leg Gun Only-

The Mare’s Leg was the name given to a customized shortened rifle by Steve McQueen’s character on the television series Wanted: Dead or Alive (1958–1961). I've pictured it next to my real Henry Rifle to show the scale. It's not toy sized, and is made with real wood and metal. It has a working lever action that cocks the hammer, and working trigger. It is a replica, and CAN NOT BE LOADED OR FIRED, not can it be altered to shoot anything. This piece is great for stage work and movies. Always check local laws before wearing this, or any other replica to conventions or public venues.

Gun: $149.97
Leather color:

Color Pattern:

Hardware color: ?

-Replica Mares Leg Holster Options-

The Mare's Leg holster is specially designed for the gun to show off the design, and make it functionally draw able. It's made from a heavy 8-9oz. leather and finished in your choice of color.

NOTE: Due to the holster using the saddle ring to support the gun, this holster is only available for a right handed draw.

Please note these holsters are intended to fit the Denix Replicas shown in the product photos. While many of the replicas are the same size as real weapons, it is not likely to fit real firearms or function properly for real world use. Please contact us before hand when considering holsters for real firearms to discuss custom fitting and heavier weight leathers. No refunds can be offered for holsters purchased to be used with any guns (real or replica) not pictured above. For more info, please see out FAQ.

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Holster: $99.47
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