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Tinkerer Goggles-

Tinkerer Goggles       Tinkerer Goggles

Tinkerer Goggles       Tinkerer Goggles

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-Tinkerer Goggles-

Makers, Tinkerers, and Divisors will love these goggles. Great for keeping springs from shooting up into the eye when working on a mechanized masterpiece. Lupes allow you to get in close to see details of tiny pieces.

These are the next level in goggle design from Steambaby. Available in black chap leather with chrome plated brass rims and silver hardware, or brown chap leather with brass rims and hardware. Comfortable to wear, and a great addition to any hat. Lenses can be choice of color, both plain or 1 plain and 1 with a target reticle, and can be swaped out by unscrewing the rims. The Tinkerer also comes with jewlers lupes build in to the rims. The magnifiers are 3 and 5 power, and work at about four to five inches away singly and about an inch away when used together.

**NOTE** Because Steampunked Out does not make the goggles in house, colors may not always be in stock. As such, ship time will depend on how quickly we receive the order from the manufacturer. If you need to have the hat by a specific date, please contact us BEFORE you order to confirm availability. Hats may be exchanged, but not refunded.


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