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-SASS Holster Set-






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-SASS Holster-

I've had a lot of interest in holsters for Cowboy Action Shooting, so I've worked with a few people in the sport to come up with a suitable design. I've seen rigs that are lined, and have metal inner layers with tension screws and other fancy features for over $1000. For those looking for serious competition those are great, but I wanted to come up with a good entry level set up for those just getting into the sport and recreational shooters. These holsters are similar to my Wild West Holsters, but with a few added features:

The couture of the holster leaves a little more room for the gun, and so has less friction for a faster draw. The belt loop has a wider width at the belt for more friction to help hold the holster in place. In addition, I've added a stabilizer flap inside the belt loop that is set to the width of the belt. This also adds some friction, and keeps the holster firmly attached to the belt so it doesn't slide up and down vertically when drawing and re-holstering. Be sure to provide a belt width measurement as accurate as possible so the stabilizer strap can be correctly set. The front strap is semi permanent, and uses screw posts to hold it in place. This way it can be removed for the belt to be used on a slotted belt, or holster drop if desired. The cross draw holster is set at about a 20 degree tilt so as not to exced the 30 degree rule.

The holsters are designed to fit Colt style revolvers used in CAS, such as the Ruger Vaquero and Cimarron Single Action Revolvers. They are made from a extra heavy 11-12oz. leather and finished in your choice of color. The inside is burnished for a slicker finish and less friction, but are not lined. The front strap is similar to the strap on my etched holster, and can be made with a decorative concho for an additional $5. Custom etched plates can be made for the strap as well as tooling the leather, please contact me for details and pricing for these options.

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$104.47 (add $10 for conchos)
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