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-Under Bust Harness-





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-Under Bust Harness-

Here they are ladies. I have collaborated with a professional costume designer/instructor at the university here to come up with these amazing under bust harness designs. These harnesses were patterned by someone who knows how costuming should properly fit different body shapes and deals with it daily in the theatre department.

They are made from a heavy 7-8oz leather and finished in choice of color. Available with brass or silver hardware hardware. The back is laced for fine tuning of fit, and the front has 2, 3/4" buckles for the closure. The shoulder straps are 1" wide also with adjustable buckle. They connect to the main harness with "D" rings to allow a wide variety of angles to adjust to multiple body shapes.

The extra small will fit under bust sizes of 25-28 inches, small is 28-32 inches, the medium is 32-35 inches, large is 35-38 inches, extra large is 38-42 inches, and the XX is 42-45 inches. (Please contact me for sizes larger or smaller.) To measure, you will need someone to assist, as most people cannot measure the under bust by themselves. The measurement should be take around the ribcage just below the breasts. Arms should be in a relaxed position at the sides. If you are unsure, it's best to seek out someone knowledgeable to take the measurement for you.

If you are between sizes, and are 5' 4" or under, the smaller size is recommended.
If you are between sizes and are a D cup or larger, the larger size is recommended.

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Price: $181.97

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