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-Leg Garter and Throwing Knives-




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-Leg Garter and Throwing Knives-

The Steampunk Leather Leg Garter is made from 5oz veg tan leather and is custom made for size. There is a 3 inch piece of elastic on the inner thigh to allow for flexibility, and a buckle for minor tension adjustments.

The knife sheaths are also 5.oz leather and are dyed to match the garter. Comes with 2 throwing knives, approximately 4" long. Knives will be silver or black depending on availability. The edges are not very sharp, but the point is, and I have tested them. They can be thrown and stuck into a target with practice, but they are light and do not provide much penetration. They are intended for costume purposes only. Please check you local laws about knife length and double edges and convention rules before ordering. Steampunked Out is not liable if knives are confiscated or misused.

The color options on this item are slightly different too. There is now a "leather color" and a "color pattern" option. "Leather Color" refers to the base color of all leather items. "Color Pattern" refers to how the color is varied and accented. The "Lace Pattern" option means a black dye is sprayed through lace onto the leather after the base color is applied. The "Antiqued Fade" option means the base color will fade to a darker, near black around the edges giving it a worn/aged look. The "Plain" option means there will be no patterning of any kind. All pieces will be 1 flat color. Gold can only be the 2 tone yellow/brown shown in the example, either as a fade or as a lace pattern. Plain yellow tends to discolor quickly, so it's not available as a plain option. When "Black" is chosen as the "Leather Color" option, it will ALWAYS be plain with no patterning regardless of which option is chosen. (How can you fade from black to black, right?)

(NOTE--all hand dyed leather can bleed on occasion, especially when in the presence of moisture. The back side of the leather has only a minimal amount of dye to help eliminate possible color rubbing.)

Color Questions?
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Price: $65.97

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