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-Pipe Tanks-


- Pipe Tanks-

Tinkerton's Steam-e-Pipe works best with the slim design of mini pipe tanks. We've tested 4 styles for fit and look, and have made them available to purchase separately.

The Aspire Mini Vivi Nova is an economical tank. The newest generation of the Aspire Bottom Dual Coil (BDC) Vivi Nova tank manufactured by Aspire. Made with 100% Pyrex glass and metal windowed sleeves. Expertly designed with the user in mind Aspire has employed the best engineering team in the industry to produce these incredible tanks with outstanding performance. Easily filled and easily replace the Aspire BDC coil with its bottom coil design. Leaking has never been an issue with the Aspire BDC line. It has proven to be durable and reliable. You can use the supplied Drip tip or change out to your own favorite drip tips. The Aspire comes with a 1.8 ohm dual coil head installed that is etched on the side and holds 2.0mL of eLiquid.

The Aspire Nautilus Mini is a little bigger than the other options, but still looks good with the e-Pipe. It comes with a clear Pyrex tank, but there are stainless steel tanks available. The Nautilus Mini is the next generation of tank systems. Made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass, the Nautilus Mini uses the Aspire BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) atomizer technology. This new technology is designed to last longer while still giving users the purest and cleanest taste from e-liquids. The Nautilus Mini includes an improved four-port adjustable airflow system that is both user friendly and reliable. This unique four-port system allows the user to adjust the draw, warmth of vapor, and amount of vapor produced. The Nautilus Mini design also makes it easy to carry, install, and refill. These gorgeous 2 ml tanks come with the brand new Aspire Vertical Coils!

One of the most popular line of products that Aspire is known for is their Triton tanks. Immediately after the release of the Triton 2, Aspire introduces the Triton Mini Tank! This fantastic tank offers the same stellar performance of the Triton 2, however it has been shrunken down to a more compact size. You'll quickly notice that the Triton Mini is almost an exact copy of the Triton 2 but there is one key difference, coils. The Triton Mini actually uses its own proprietary coils, you'll have the option to pick from Clapton coils, Nickel coils, and your standard Kanthal coils when getting replacements! This tank has a beautiful gold/coppery color that looks great on steampunk pipes. If you're looking for a compact and extremely powerful tank then it doesn't get any better than the Aspire Triton Mini!

All of these tanks have replaceable coils which are available in many vaping stores as well as online. Replacement coils can be purchased from us here.

Steampunked Out does not make or warrenty the actual tank parts, chargers, or batteries. All of these stock parts are available online from several vape suppliers, as well as many local vape shops. For more information on parts, please contact me directly.

PayPal and Square have decided it will not allow users to sell or purchase vaping products through it's checkout. While I disagree with both 100%, I must also abide by their decision in order to allow users to purchase the vast majority of my other products. If you wish to purchase pipes and accessories, please use the form below to email an order directly to me. Once I have it, I will email you directly to arrange a payment option. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Or, Contact me by phone: 580-917-8435

Aspire Mini Vivi Nova: $4.35
Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank: $33.96
Aspire Triton Mini Tank: $39.26

Due to FDA regulations, we are no longer able to offer this item. As a small company making handcrafted items we can neither afford to pay the hundreds of thousands required by the FDA for necessary permits required to make our products, nor can we afford to challenge them in court. We hope with the current lawsuits in progress by other companies, regulations will be changed, and will be able to bring these items back in the future.

If you would rather use your own email account to contact me, please send it to:

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