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-Wild West Holster-




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-Wild West Holster-

Here is a classic design with few alterations. It's available in both a long and short barrel option. The long barrel holster the Colt 1851 Navy Revolver styled replicas. The short holster will fit replica Colt 45 Peacemaker revolvers. The Colt style holster will fit reproduction firearms often used in SASS, but I recommend getting an SASS holster for real weapons like the Ruger Vaquero or Cimarron Colt clones. You can purchase just a holster, but save big when you get a gun and holster set!

The holster is made from 8-9oz veg tan leather and finished with choice of color. The holster is a 1 piece design that is folded over in 2 places (once along the barrel to make the holster, and once at the top, making the backing loop) like many holster design of the period. The short version uses a 1 buckle and strap design to hold the backing loop down, and the long barrel has 2 buckles and straps. Both come with a leather lace which ties around the leg to keep the holster from "flopping around" while walking if desired. Works great with the Western Gun Belt!

Please note these holsters are intended to fit the Denix Replicas shown in the product photos. While many of the replicas are the same size as real weapons, it is not likely to fit real firearms or function properly for real world use. Please contact us before hand when considering holsters for real firearms to discuss custom fitting and heavier weight leathers. No refunds can be offered for holsters purchased to be used with any guns (real or replica) not pictured above. For more info, please see out FAQ.

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Colt or Navy: $96.97
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