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Belts and Bandoleers

-Just a Leather Belt-
-Clockwork Tooled Leather Belt-

Well, it's just a belt, but who doesn't need one! I make these belts from a quality 7oz veg tanned leather 1 1/2" wide. A well...

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Here is a very popular item everyone needs. I make these belts from a quality 7oz veg tanned leather 1 1/2" wide. A well made...

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-Wide Utility Belt-
-Bullet Bandolier-

This design is truly multifunctional. The belt is 2 separate pieces that function as 1 design. The wide belt is a 7oz veg tan...

Sorry, this item is discontinued.

Adventurers, Skypirates, and Lawmen alike can all use this handy item.

YES! Empty bandoliers for real ammo are also available!

Starting at $98.47
-Shoulder Accessory Harness-
-Two Timer Belt-

Another request item! The Shoulder Accessory Harness is designed to be more than just a shoulder holster. It's multifunction design...


The Two Timer Belt design has been very popular over the years. Looks great on both guys and gals, and works with many different styles.

Now on Etsy!

-Western Gun Belt-
-Sam Browne Shoulder Strap-

Here is a great addition for frontier and adventurer characters. The Western Gun Belt is based on historical designs...

Starting at $96.47

Sam Browne was a British army officer serving in India in the mid 1800's. During this period, the sword was hung...

-SASS Gun Belt-

The SASS Gun Belt has been discontinued as a regular item. Please contact us for custom options.

Sorry, this items is no longer available on this site.

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