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Brass Bobbin products are made in house at our workshops in Troy, ID. We're proud to offer these hand made fabric caps based on historic styles.

Driving Cap
Newsboy Cap

This is the hat that inspired the Brass Bobbin. As the 19th century came to a close, soft caps were worn by in increasing number of men. Starting out as...

Starting at $37.00

This well known hat is now available again! Weathering the passage of time, the newsboy has fallen in and out of fashion for more than 120 years. Also called...

Starting at $40.00

Steampunked Out

-Clockwork Tooled Hatband-
-Bullet/Vial Hatband-

A Steampunk Empire member asked if I would make hatbands, so here they are, and newly redesigned! This 3/4" wide hatband ...


This hatband style is made from a 5oz veg tan leather that can be finished in antiqued brown, or black. The new design...

-Leather Eye Patch-
-Metal Plated Eye Patch-

Avast ye mangy cloud hounds! Now there be eye patches for our sky pirate fans. These patches are made from...


Well hello Mr. Fancy Pants. Plain leather isn't good enough eh? How 'bout this beauty. These eye patches are...


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