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More vids coming soon. Please stop by and vote on my Facebook page to let me know what videos you are interested in seeing made.

By request, I am now making videos! Sorry if the quality isn't top of the line, but I hope this will meet everyone's needs for now. I'll be uploading many demos and product information vids in the coming weeks, so keep checking back for more!


This video demonstrates how I use and set rivets and gives the basic tool I use.

Steampunk Design

This is part 1 of the design video made by request. In the first video, I will discuss design conception and and things to consider before you begin putting things together. Part 2 will discuss layout and composition, and part 3 will cover execution as we assemble the final product.
Design Part 1: Concept
Design Part 2: Layout
Design Part 3: Execution
Design Part 3: Execution (continued)

Custom Holster Measurements

I get a lot of requests to do custom gun holsters for both steampunk mods and replicas, and for real weapons. This video shows how to get a tracing and measurements for standard shaped guns (both real and replicas). If you are having a custom holster made and need to take measurements, it's a great idea to watch this demo to make sure I have everything I'll need.

Leather Types and Properties

In this video I discuss different types of leather, some processes used to make the different types, and many properties each type has. I had a customer who was unhappy with the roughness on the backside of a leather product, and felt I should address it in a video. Different types of leather have different properties and hopefully, this video will inform both customers, and prospective leather works about leather some leather properties. Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments

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