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Fan Photo and Comments

A big thank you to all my customers. It's been a little over a year since I turned my leather skills to the steampunk genera, and I never imagined it would become a full time business. I just loved the design and creativity of steampunk, and enjoyed doing it on the side as a creative outlet. Your orders kept comming in and each month there were more of them.

I do not advertise, so everyone found me through one of the 3 social network sites I am on, or through word of mouth. My belief is referrals and repeat customers are the best advertising I can get, so a HUGE thank you to those of you who came back for more, and who brought your friends! It's support from people like you that keep artisans and crafter's like me in the workshop doing what we love.

I have received several photos, emails, and Etsy feedback over the last year; and this page will share some of that with you as a tribute to my fans. THANK YOU!

If you have photes or comments you would like posted, please send them to me at!

A great repeat customer who started with a custom Maverick holster to fit his modded Maverick made by Johnson Arms. He ended up getting several other items and even some custom pieces. Here he is rocking a con posing for many photo ops! Looking great Jim!
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Here are photos of a wonderful customer that needed a custom made shoulder holster system for her "Baby Doll" costume. Her blonde wig didn't make it in time for her Con, but she certainly look fantastic as a red headed Baby Doll to me! Thanks Britnee!

Here are photos of a wonderful customer making great use of my "Utility Bandolier" and Gun" Holster and Hip Belt" Looks great Gaberiel! Thanks for sharing!
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I love making the different styles of bracers. Since customers can only choose the color and style, I get free reign to get creative with the final design. These wonderful customers ordered a weapon class and a science class bracer, along with several other accessories. Great outfit! Thank you Wendy and Bret for sharing the pics if the final costume!

This is another custom rig I made to a customers specs. It's designed to hold a Maverick on one side and a standard sized revolver on the other. Made for a low slung, gunslinger look and fits on a standard 1 1/2" belt. Thanks Steven!

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Another customer order for a comic book character. I made the custom thigh holster for this Red Angel costume. You look AMAZING Amy! Thanks you so much!

I never realized how big steampunk was in other countries. Since I started shipping over seas, I have filled orders in Germany, France, The UK, the Netherlands, Norway, Canada, and Australia! I always feel bad about the shipping cost for sending things overseas, as it sometimes doubles the total cost. I have to thank these die hard fans for paying to have my items sent to them. Here is Rachael from "Down Under" showing some Aussie class with one of the first belt pouches I ever made. Thanks Rachael!
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In addition to the photos, I get tons of feed back from Etsy sales and emails. Here are a few things I've been sent by loyal fans. Thanks you all!

"I got my two 3.5 inch bracers today and I just wanted to say, they are AWESOME!!!!! The clockwork piece with the gear/key turn is better than anying I could have hoped for, and I am very, very happy."

"I am IN LOVE with my holster. In love. Thank you so much. The fit is perfect and your speed in making and shipping it in time for Halloween is so incredibly appreciated. I'll send you a Halloween pic when I take them. I just LOVE it!!"

"Wonderful! The harness is awesome, the service was great, and the waiting time was incredibly short!"

"What a wonderful shop to work with! Excellent communication and quick shipping. I ordered this for my husbands birthday, but now that I see how cool it is in person I want to keep it for myself! :) He's goin' to love it. Thanks Roger!!"

"Well made harness! Fits me perfectly. Absolutely love it! Thanks for making it. ^_^ "
-Jenn B.

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS PRODUCT AND THE MAKER! Great communication and willing to work with all your needs ... will definitely be making future purchases and referring to friends! THANKS A TON, ROGER!"

"AMAZING!!! witchworks [Steampunked Out] was so wonderful to work woth. Every detail was passed by me and we worked together to design the holster. He checked up with me after it had shipped to make sure it fit my needs and was just wonderful. I would order again in a heartbeat."

"this guy is amazing we have made more than 1 order he is always very timely on his items and they are excellent quality !!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Four custom orders in one. Wonderful work. Everyone was thrilled with their individual items. Once again Roger worked with me and my ideas and his skill shone through to the work. Always looking for more pieces I can have him do!"

"I love Roger, for real. He's super talented and totally awesome to work with. Everything arrives quickly when I order and he's super nice. This armband is amazing, and I will be back in the future for sure. Thank you, a million times!! Lots and lots of love for Roger."

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