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High end devices from Tinkerton Scientific!

These items are one of a kind works of art. Many items here are base prices, and can be made custom for additional fees. They are collectible art pieces for serious collectors. Being works of art, much of the final design remains with me, as the artist. I do take basic suggestions and design requests into account, but my best works is done with very loose reigns. I hope buyers will understand.

Tarot Box
Mystic Energy Box

Mr. Tinkerton has done it again. After studying with Gypsy shamans, he has uncovered a link between the mystical energies of...


The Mystic Energy Box is a little smaller than the Tarot Box, but has similar features. There are 2 styles of...

Aether Receiver

Get the ultimate smoking room accessory! Truely a functional work of art, the Aether Receiver is a blue tooth music system worthy of a true...

Reserve one $200.00

Mr. Tinkerton used to enjoy a nice pipe in the evening with a fine brandy, but realized all that tobacco could be a breathing hazzard. After tinkering a bit...

Starting at: $171.47
Device Stylus
Custom Device Quote

The perfect accessory for your aether device! The Device Stylus makes it easy to pinpoint the cursor and save your screen on most touch...

Starting at $51.97

Got an idea but don't know how to go about it? Get a custom quote for fine art devices from Steampunked Out. I can work with leather, wood, metal...


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