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Custom Work Gallery

I've done a lot of custom work over the last few years. Often I'm so concerned with getting things done and shipping ASAP that I forget to document many, but thankfully, I remembered to get photos of some of it. Here are just a few shot of some of them.

-Some notes about custom pricing-
Custom work pricing can vary widely. Prices are based on labor (time of construction) which is $32/hour, and material costs. Leather is currently about $0.14/square inch, and additional hardware and. Size can be deceiving when pricing though. At first look, smaller items should generally be cheaper, but that's not always the case. It's true that material cost is directly related to size (more leather costs more), but labor is not necessarily the same. Often time a small item with lots of pockets or complicated shapes take far longer to make than a large, simple item. This can make small items for more expensive, and indeed I do have a "failed prototype bit" full of items that simply cost too much in time to be able to sell at an affordable price. Something else to consider is the amount of modification. A custom gun holster to fit a standard gun shape may only require a few alterations to an existing pattern, or even creating a new pattern using a standard formula. This is fairly quick, and my not add much to the base price. Some items are much more involved, such as some of the custom made steampunk ray guns, specialty device pouches, device bracers, custom harness style rigging, etc. These type items can take more in materials due to test pieces, as well as increased labor. I do try to keep pricing as fair and affordable as possible, but great ideas are not always worth the cost of dev elopement. Of course I don't charge for consultation, so if you have an idea, please let me know. I'm happy to work with customers on designs, and do quotes.

If you're interested in getting custom items, please contact me at:!


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