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Cuffs and Bracers

-Etched Cuff-
Leather steampunk cuff with brass etching

I love science! After researching and tinkering around with some ideas, I finaly came up with a workable process...

-Wrist Cuff-
Leather steampunk wristcuff with bullets or vials

Finally a more affordable steampunk cuff. These cuffs measure 3 1/2 inches tall and...

-Cowboy Wrist Cuff Set-
Leather steampunk cowbouw wrist cuff set

Another American west inspired design. The Cowboy Wrist Cuff was a usefull part of of frontier clothing. It protected the arm from...


Half bracers, full bracers, and custom forearm weapons.

-Half Bracer-
Leather steampunk half bracer with bullets and/or vials

This is a "Half Bracer" measuring 5" wide and will fit a wrist size from 6 inches to 8 inches...

-Full Bracer-
Leather steampunk full bracer.  Science or weapon class wearable art.

This is a "Full Bracer" measuring 9 1/2"" wide and will fit a wrist size from 6 inches to 8...

-Gauge Bracer-

For the gadget mongers, here is a steampunk bracer for you! This bracer has 3 working gauges on it. A clock, hygrometer...

-LED Bracer-

Here is another highly detailed piece. Custom versions with complicated circuits of these pieces are available for...

-Tooled Bracer-

Back to basics! This item is something nice for the "not too fancy" lovers. The Tooled Bracer...

-Etched Bracer-

The Etched Bracer is much like the Tooled Bracer in design, but with a 2" X 7" brass plate riveted to the top. Choose a design...

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